Anna Anubi
Anna Anubi
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Elemental Master
Species: Solaratzu
Homeland: Diamond Desert (Starninja)
Born: Year: 8000
Elements: Light
Attribute:: Speed


Queen Anna Anubi is the elemental Master of Light and Queen of Diamond Desert. Thousands of years after Sandy founded the city in Diamond Desert, Anna took over as Queen as Sandy retired to a tomb and has since used her powers and leadership to turn the desert into a bustling, tropical city now known as "Anna Oasis". She used Marines help to bring water and plant life to the desert to make it more thriving and everyone here practically looks like a royal due to the glinty appeal of the golden sands.


Anna is quite the opposite of Luna Polaris. She's very show offy, voluptuous, and loves to be the center of attention to have people worship her. She pretty much acts like shes a goddess and she knows it, and most of her people tend to treat her that way, but her high status isn't just because she's queen. She gave herself the responsibility of protecting the people of the desert and wanted to be a kind queen. She wanted to teach her people how to avoid corruption by living a modest life, but being strong like she did back when the deserts were just sand and survival was difficult. With making sure everyone knows that her word is law, she allows no one to believe they are better than anyone else in the desert, since she doesn't like violence or corruption and takes full responsibility for anything that would happen to the desert. Though given her status and nature, the people find it hard to not want to treat her like the queen she is. In return for treating her right, she uses her powers to keep the desert glinty, allow everyone to live like a royal, and provides endless resources to all the Anubians. It's ultimately a win win situation.


Anna is the master of the element of Light. She can generate light from nothing and brighten up even the darkest of rooms and make things visible that might not have been visible. She can also do the opposite, making everything so bright that the person is blinded or even taking away light by absorbing it. Her black fur emphasizes this power since black absorbs light, so it's easier for her to hold it all in, and living in the place where the sun can shine for almost a week straight in some months, she gets all the light she could ever need to provide sunlight for the 3 months straight that the sun is on the other side of the planet. Hence people call her "the Goddess of the Sun"


Mother: Sandra Mummanubis Daughter: Patra Anubikoya

  • Grandson: Glyph Anubikoya