Baiyo Flirewing
Baiyo Flirewing
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Starninjian
Species: Pyrotazya
Homeland: Flirewing Village (Starninja)
Born: Year: 9,999
Elements: Fire, Wind
Attribute:: Power, Offensive


Baiyo Flirewing is a Pyrotazya who lives on the Flirewing Village on Sunshine Mountain. She is known for her wild and explosive nature, which comes from her living around intense heat her whole life. She's a childhood friend of Petey Sealizard and befriends Starky in his first adventure across Starninja to fight the Generic Shadows and later, the Intruders.

When Baiyo becomes an adult, she ends up marrying Petey Sealizard and producing a child named Flaraqua, who helps Petey's mother, Marine Sealizard, in fixing the tension on Planet Ocealand.


Baiyo is aggressive and won't pull her kicks even if it'd be overkill several times over. She is very aggressive due to her abysmal defenses, but also having so much heat energy inside of her that keeps her on the move. She loves heat and is a strong dominatrix, exerting control over every situation with a bold, fiery confidence. She hates cold water, however.


Baiyo uses her powerful legs and feet to kick dents strong enough to make diamond bend. Her feathers and feet can raise to temperatures hot enough to make the sun feel cool. While her offensive capabilities are high, she stresses her intense strength because she can't afford to take many hits. She often likes to attack by flying very high up and dive bombing her enemies (Known as "Flirewing Dive" or spinning around with her wings spread and creating a hurricane of Fire (Known as "Flirewing Hurricane/Tornado")


Mother: Phoenix Flirewing

Father: Eagle Aerowing

Mate/Husband: Petey Sealizard

Daughter: Flaraqua Flirelizard