Bartido Mundo
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Basic Information:
Class: Starmaninjian
Species: Koya
Homeland:  ?
Born:  ?
Elements:  ?
Attribute::  ?


This Koya is Bartido. He considers himself an artist. However, in many cases, his own body is his canvas, thus those around him often notice him in many different shades and colours than before. In some cases, others may not recognise him!

He doesn't just recolour his fur, but may also redesign every part of his body feasible, including his head hair, his ears, his nails, and his tail. (If it is possible to style forehead hairs). His tail may be curved in one moment, tied to a bun in another or shaved for a sleeker look.

He also use external items in his designs such as twigs, leaves, gems and all that stuff, especially if he wants a more extravagant look. He has dressed up as a Tazya occasionally, also maybe Dranans and Manans. His designs are getting more and more convincing as he practices, so that he may be able to disguise himself as other species in the future.

He has started painting himself since a very young age, so only his parents or those who have seen him in his infancy knows what he originally looks like.

He pays most of his attention to himself and the environment around him that may spur his creativity or give him artistic inspiration. Thus he rarely seems interested in sexual matters, even if approached by Succubi. Unless...


He is still a nice Starmaninjian for the most part that respects viewpoints and opinions of others, so he may dress himself up in more secluded places if he feels that others may not like it. Some may even consider him a gentleman when he's not busy with himself.