These are the Starmaninjians, characters who were created by or are originally part of the Starmaninjian universe. There are subgroups of Starmaninjians who are recognized for their advanced traits:

Starmaninjian GoddessesEdit

The Starmaninjian Deities watch over the Universe like Guardians, making sure to keep all aspects of the Starmaninjian lives in order while still allowing them free will so they will never have to worry about issues being beyond their control. Each Deity focuses on a specific aspect of life, but the creators of the Universe, Spirit Ratzu and Solera Ratzu watch over all.

Starmaninjian HeroesEdit

The Starmaninjian Heroes are characters who have undergone a major adventure of some kind to save the Starmaninjian Universe from evil. These characters are recognized as the central characters whose stories are told to share a little bit of the way Starmaninjians live.

Elemental MastersEdit

The Elemental Masters are Starmaninjians who have mastered a specific element. They are the ones a visitor or Starmaninjian would travel to if they wished to learn how to master an element. Becoming an Elemental Master is the ultimate goal of any adventure oriented Starmaninjian, but it is a quest that can take many years to accomplish.


The Antagonists are beings who play the role as a significant villain in a story. While most of them are not evil in nature, there is a part of their nature that makes them fitting for an antagonistic role. A few Antagonists may be heroes in a different adventure.

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