Celestia Tazya
Celestia Tazya
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Goddess
Species: Aerotazya
Homeland: Celestial Skies (Goddess Dimension)
Born: Year: 0
Elements: Omnipotent/Wind
Attribute:: Speed/Healer


Celestia is the Deity who watches over the Starmaninjian world, spreading feelings of love and pleasure to everyone she flies across. She's also very short and meant to look extremely young, mostly to greater show her modest nature. Celestia is a goddess who spreads the words and feelings of modesty to all Starmaninjians. She's essentially the reason why many Starmaninjians are so open minded and so tolerant of many things and practices, so long as the practices aren't offensive or harmful in any way. She also is in charge of the "reward" system, where she will reward good Starmaninjians with pleasure and good fortunes for showing modesty and kindness straight from their heart. You do good things, you can guarentee Celestia will make sure the good service is not in vain.


Celestia is probably the kindest, and most humble being in the Starmaninjian universe other than Siberia herself. She speaks in a rather soft tone and always shows deep kindness and affection in her voice, no matter who she confronts. One could say it's literally impossible to upset this goddess, but if anything were to upset her, she has the power and authority to make things right and good in the end (and worst case scenario....well...Soula exists). In either regard, she treats every Starmaninjian as if they're her newborn child and would gladly do anything that would make them enjoy life even that much more.


Celestia is a goddess and therefore can do anything she wishes. Her powers mostly focus on healing and using her speed to travel great distances in short time to comply to anyone's needs. She also has the power to make anyone who's feeling down turn into a ray of sunshine by giving them generally good feelings and destroying the negative ones that bring them down.


Son: Blue Bluewing

  • Grandson: Sky Bluewing
    • Great-Grandson: Angel Bluewolf

Daughter?: Phoenix Flirewing (haven't decided if Phoenix is her daughter or not, but it would make sense if she was, since Celestia is the first Tazya)

  • Granddaughter: Baiyo Flirewing
    • Great Granddaughter: Flaraqua Flirelizard