Dialacia Diakoya
Dialacia Diakoya
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Starmaninjian Goddess
Species: Semekoya
Homeland: Dialacia Castle (Cavertain)
Born: Year: 0
Elements: Rock, Fire
Attribute:: Omnipotent


This is Dialacia Diakoya (Die-lay-she-ah Dee-ah-koy-ya), the Mineral Goddess of Cavertain. Her body is very shiny because her fur has similar properties of that of gems and jewelry, yet she's still soft and snuggly like the kitty she is. Her true last name is technically "Koya", but since she's not directly related to Zena, she changed her last name so no one would get confused.

Dialacia's goddess powers revolve around creating the planets and minerals that make up the universe. She mostly monitors them to make sure things never "run out" and the planets can be forever built.


Dialacia has a very regal personality. She often sees herself as a Queen and owns a towering crystal castle, as well as loving to decorate everything in ultra shiny jewelry and gems, all natural of course. Despite her regal looks, she's very kind and gentle, almost delicate in everything she does. For similar reasons, she also tends to speak very quietly and softly so as to not disturb the peace of her home, but it's rare you won't see a gleaming smile on her adorable face. Despite her seemingly royal personality, she does have a "tough" side that she's willing to unleash to show the power of her potent gems. Rumor has it that she never worries about much because of this level of control she has over practically the building blocks of civilization in general.


Being a Deity, she can do virtually anything she wants. Her powers mostly focus on mineral and planet creation and shifting such to be useful for various uses such as electricity, housing, and even just the beauty of gems in general. Her "children" the Cavertainians, all can shape shift their bodies at will and can survive in virtually any environment, due to their inorganic bodies.


Daughter: Crystal Crystoya

  • Grandson: Raymond Crystoya
    • Great-Grandson: Chris Crystoya

Daughter: Minnie Dragem

  • Granddaughter: Ruby Dragem

Daughter: Mildra Dratendra

  • Granddaughter: Salsa Dratendra