Drane Dragon
Drane Dragon
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Goddess
Species: Aerodranan
Homeland: Dragon Pagoda
Born: Year: 0
Elements: Omnipotent (Fire)
Attribute:: Power/Mage


Drane is the first deity who was created by Siberia and Kiara in the new Starmaninjian world. The first thing she wanted above all else is the gift of intelligence to be bestowed on ALL beings that live in her world. Drane is the one who grants all Starmaninjians the ability to think about situations, be creative, and consider many possibilities so they don't have to rely on instinct to solve problems. Drane actually goes a step beyond human intellect in that Starmaninjians will naturally learn how to think and everything, academically and creatively that they would otherwise understand, rather than relying on learning to gain intellect. This prevents Starmaninjians from ever being taught something that hinders their own life and believing it to be true, so therefore, Drane makes sure that all Starmaninjians know the truth and can NEVER be manipulated to do things that are either hindering to thier own life, to other's lives, or to nature in general. (They also can NOT fathomably be "Stupid", nor ignorant).


Drane has a very calm and collected nature. She never really reacts to much as being the ultimate in knowledge and wisdom, she knows virtually everything related in the Starmaninjian galaxy and exactly what to think about every situation. As such, she never worries about anything. However, she tends to be pretty socially quiet, tending to think more than speak.


As a goddess, she can do virtually anything that she wishes. Her main focus is granting Starmaninjians wisdom that they might not have had before, increasing mental capabilities, and even granting temporary boosts in knowledge to help a Starmaninjian solve a puzzle or dilemma. In her Starmaninjian form, she commands the power of a Turquoise flame that is laced with a powerful magic. The magic is unknown in trait, but it's effect seems to vary based on what she uses it for. She's also incredibly strong physically to offset her lack of physical attacks.


Husband: Drake Long

  • Son: Red Long
  • Daughter: Psyan Long