Flower Natural
Flower Natural
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Elemental Master
Species: Kaisuni
Homeland: Natural Plains (Starninja)
Born: Year: 8000
Elements: Grass
Attribute:: Support


Flower Natural is the elemental Master of Grass, and rightfully so as she is the daughter of the God of Botanorest, Botani Tsuni, and Zena Koya. Taking the Tsuni side of her parents, her focus and nature tends to be feral and she loves nature more than anything. There's always an air of fragrance and kindness around her. While she doesn't speak very much, you can always tell she's in a good or peaceful mood and she takes care of the plants and trees with as much care as she takes of her son, Johnathy Natural.

Initially, she lived in Botanorest, but she moved to Planet Starninja using her father's help to spread the power of nature to the growing planet of Civilization.


Flower is very gentle and very kind, almost dainty in nature. She loves the beauty of nature so much that she dedicates her life to keeping everything as pristine and untouched as possible. She loves planting beautiful flowers all over and almost never seems to get angry. She's also extremely maternal in nature, treating everyone like a child of hers and always very welcoming to her home.


Being the elemental Master of grass, she controls all plant like powers. She can summon trees with the flick of her wrist and spread seeds all over. She can also use roots to absorb HP from her opponents. Being a Tsuni, she tends to be very agile and is a technique type character.


Father: Botani Tsuni

Mother: Zena Koya

Sister: Zenni Zenokoya

Brother: Charmy Lucksclover

Husband: Forest Natural

  • Son: Johnathy Natural