Kiara Ratzu
Kiara Solera Ratzu
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Goddess
Species: Ratzu
Homeland: Kiara Cathedral aka Solera Citadel (Goddess Dimension)
Born: Before Starmaninja
Elements: Omnipotent
Attribute:: Omnipotent
Alternate forms: Solera Ratzu, Kia Stealthinja


Kiara Ratzu is Siberia's younger twin sister who helped Siberia in creating the Universe of Starmaninja. Having always been the one who would be strong for Siberia and her ideals at all costs, she tends to be the first one people would meet when hearing of the Universe and the most outspoken of them all. So long as you treat the Starmaninjians well, Kiara will treat you well. The red on her body is actually the blood she shed when she gave up her life in attempt to safe Siberia from two hunters and since then, she uses blood as a symbol that Starmaninjians will never fall to weapons of any kind.


Quite a contrast to Spirit, Solera is actually more lustrous and seductive in nature. She has quite a large ego and loves to be looked up to highly, even occasionally gloating about her status and nature. This makes her seem like she's quite haughty, but in truth, Solera's heart is as big as her being, and she ultimately wants to make the Starmaninjians happy and to please Spirit herself. Amusingly, being an egotistical dominatrix herself is what happens to please most Starmaninjians anyway.


Kiara, like Siberia boasts infinite powers and can do whatever she pleases. She tends to focus on creating Starmaninjian beings and making them find pleasure in everything they could do that's related. As such, because of her, Starmaninjians can ultimately find happiness in virtually everything that could cause any good or rather "exciting" feeling.


Mother: Sylvia Polaris

Father: Kao Ninjaratzu

Sister: Siberia Ratzu

Son: Wolfen Ninjaratzu

Grandson: Rhozen Ninjarizu

Granddaughter: Raisha Ninjarizu