Manny Tsunamal
Manny Tsunamal
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Starmaninjian Hero
Species: Manisuni
Homeland: Manimal Jungle (Starninja)
Born: Year: 10,000
Elements: Physical, Wind
Attribute:: Speed


Manny Tsunamal is a Manimal who lives in the somewhat chilly Manimal Jungle. He's wild and ambitious to express his love for freedom and creativity. Interest is drawn to him when he hears about the nearby city, "Poshley City" and how the people there feel oppressed by the feeling that they have to act "posh and proper" to stay relevant in the society. Manny, at the request of the Mayor of the city, heads over to the city with his 3 closest friends, Psyamy Felina, Tanooki Noctoon, and Techna Robunny, as they save the city by showing the inhabitants how to have fun and not worry about being so stiff all the time.

His greatest antagonist is Queen Medieval, a rather cruel lady who wishes to turn the land into a posh palace where everyone is forced to be prim and proper in order to keep things "clean". She severely hates Manny due to his Jungle like nature and wants to civilize or destroy him, whichever comes last. Manny travels around the Corner of the Continent to spread his word of freedom and meets many friends along the way.

In other years when he's not entertaining the Tundra, he's also helping Kao save the planet from the Generic Shadows and Intruders. Even showing up for the final battle against Intrusion. Manny eventually retires from adventure when he gets older and has a child with Psyamy, but when he discovers from his other best friend, Johnathy Natural, that the Tsuni have some roots in planet Botanorest, Junglira Felinamal, Manny's daughter, decides to travel with Sonny Natural, Johnathy's son, to the Floral based planet to see what they can learn.


Manny has a wild and energetic personality. He's extremely intelligent and cunning, allowing him to solve a myriad of problems and figure out very complex plans to fix things as efficiently as possible. Manny loves to entertain and often finds himself performing in front of large crowds to energize and raise their morale. A kind hearted Starmaninjian, there's never a dull moment when he's around.


Manny usually uses his body as a weapon. He is very fast and has decent strength and defense. His signature move, the "Manimal Tornado" involves him spinning wildly to form a crimson tornado that sucks up anything nearby and slams it away with his high speed and powerful paws. He often attacks with tricky manuvers, but more often than not will use his incredible cunning to trick his opponents and get the upper hand in a match. He's not very good with magic however, and fire and water can slow him down tremendously, though he's used to Ice due to Manimal Jungle having winter like weather for about 50% of the year.


Wife: Psyamy Felina