Phoenix Flirewing
Phoenix Flirewing
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Elemental Master
Species: Pyrotazya
Homeland: Flirewing Village (Starninja)
Born: Year: 8000
Elements: Fire
Attribute:: Power


This is Phoenix Flirewing, a Pyrotazya, the mother of Baiyo Flirewing, and elemental master of Fire. She has such powerful control over fire that it's rumored among Starmaninjians that she was literally born from the sun itself. Her golden wings seem to boast flames all over and her body can reach temperatures of over 10,000,000 degrees C. Phoenix is also a childhood friendly rival of Aurora Iceedge, the elemental master of ice and their rivalry burns strong even after the 2000 years they've been alive.


Phoenix is the type who sees herself as omnipotent and knows it well. She loves to boast her powerful flames and show off a lot, literally controlling whether or not the volcano that is her home erupts or not. Much like Baiyo, she loves to test herself beyond the limit and overkill everything she comes across that dares challenge her, though unlike Baiyo, she doesn't have the extreme physical strength and mostly uses magic. She also tends to be really hot headed when it comes to anyone trying to say that ice is better than fire, or cold is better than heat, but usually only from Aurora, who she'd constantly bicker with about how heat will always be the better element. Surprisingly, she feels completely indifferent about Water or wind, despite the two being her weaknesses and is very close friends with Marine, who chooses to stay out of the constant fight.


Phoenix is a fire type full and through. Literally any flame that exists, she can command it. Any flame that's needed, she can summon it. She moves fire like people breathe air, it's just second nature to her. She's also physically very strong, but much like a flame, has very little defense. She does hate the feeling of water unless boiling and ultra windy areas make her feel uncomfortable, but she tends to know how to cook up a good amount of comfort for herself if needed.


Mother: Celestia Tazya

Husband: Eagle Aerowing