Sandra Mummanubis
Sandy Mummanubis
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Divine
Species: Solaratzu
Homeland: Diamond Desert (Starninja)
Born: Before Starmaninja
Elements: Rock/Light/Time
Attribute:: Balanced
Alternate forms: Sandy Mummanubis


Sandra (Sandy) Mummanubis is a 7500 year old Solaratzu, the former queen of Diamond Desert and the founder of the city that thrives in it, back then known as Diamond Village, but later renamed to Diamond Oasis when Anna, Sandy's daughter, became Queen and turned the city into a tropical oasis. Sandy's efforts came forth when she was blessed with the power over sand, having overcome the dry desert heat and extreme thirst, she wanted to make sure that when she built the city, her people would be for many eons a happy group. It took her thousands of years, but after digging out a river, planting crops, and building many structures to inhabit, she was finally successful and with her husband, Jackal Ranubis, managed to continue to make the people happy until Sandy finally retired to the tomb where she rests as her daughter now watches over the desert city.

She is also a friend of Sylvia's from before Starmaninjia's creation, but didn't come to the Starmaninjian universe until a few years later when she heard the sad news of what happened to Sylvia on Earth.


Sandy is very calm and patient. Much like the sand itself, she tends to like keeping things at a slow and relaxful pace and never worries about anything. She's quite flirty, but mostly due to her confident nature in that she knows she can use her power to protect everyone and herself. Almost nothing can stir her into worry, but when the right moments come, she may emerge and unleash her power for protection. She's also a bit of a recluse, in that she prefers to be alone or out of sight. Mostly because she likes helping people in secret and she secretly likes the idea that everyone thinks she's dead and her spirit is eternally flowing in the sand.


Sandy's power revolves around controlling sand. She can manipulate sand like breathing and she can even turn her body into sand, which she often does to make a quick escape if anyone suspects she's in the area. Sandy is also one of few beings in the universe who can actually control TIME, including freezing, slowing down and speeding up time. She's the one who teaches Starky how to control his time powers on a much larger scale.


Daughter: Anna Anubi

  • Granddaughter: Patra Anubikoya
  • Great Grandson: Glyph Anubikoya