Siberia Ratzu
Siberia Ratzu
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Goddess
Species: Luporatzu
Homeland: Siberia Sanctuary (Goddess Dimension)
Born: Before Starmaninja
Elements: Omnipotent
Attribute:: Omnipotent
Alternate forms: Spirit Ratzu, Siberia Husky


Siberia Ratzu is the supreme Goddess and creator of all of Starmaninja. She's the first true Starmaninjian being, and as such, being the deity of all of Starmaninja, she spends her eternity watching over her galaxy and making sure that everyone lives a safe and natural life and that nothing bad would ever come their way. Her modest and kind nature comes from the struggles she had in her previous life, and while the reason of her death is unknown, all that's known is that it was at the hands of a really cruel entity, so she spends her new life as a creator to make sure none of her "children" would ever have to suffer as she once did.


Siberia is very modest and kindhearted. Often letting others go before her and doing things for others despite her deity like status. She is aware that she's omnipotent, but does her best to make sure the people are fully aware of their own strengths that she gives them and because of that, she tends to have a more submissive nature to herself. Ultra tolerant and never one to hate, she accepts all form of love, affection, and pleasure, so long as it's never something that causes harm to others.


Siberia is a Goddess and as such, omnipotent. She possesses the power to do anything she wishes. Her primary focus as a Goddess is offering, being able to do everything in her power to make sure her creations, her children, are eternally happy. The greatest thing she can offer is a world of eternal peace. No stress, no unwanted struggle, pure freedom.


  • Mother: Sylvia Polaris
  • Father: Kao Ninjaratzu
  • Sister: Kiara Ratzu