Skullmanjo Dlareg
Skullmanjo Dlareg
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Angel
Species: Cherumanan
Homeland: Generic Castle
Born: Year: 0
Elements: Spirit/Dark
Attribute:: Summoner
Alternate forms: Skull


Skullmanjo Dlareg one of the first Starmaninjians created and has taken the role as the creator and leader of the Generic Shadows, a group of evil beings who serve the purpose of protecting the Starmaninjians by giving them a reason to be stronger and always side with each other against all threats, keeping them unified as one big family. While Skull has a very evil demeanor and is often shown as the villain of most of the series, he is actually an Angel and has a very pure heart in him. Everything he does is for the sake of making things better for the Starmaninjians and while his words may be harsh, he always wants people to realize that it's always for the greater good.


Skull is very cold hearted and even a bit condescending. He will say things that will break down even the proudest person if he feels it necessary to make them realize that their pride is their weakness, or he may insult someone to drive them to push themselves harder by saying things like, "Hmph! You call yourself a threat, an inanimate boulder is proving to be a challenge to you, I hardly see how you could ever call yourself a hero.". He's fully aware of his role as a villain, but one thing he does emphasize above all else despite his nature is that those who hate him are clearly weak in the mind, for they don't understand that their own hate may just be their downfall and often is.


Skull is just under the goddesses in terms of power. He commands the near infinite army of Generic Shadows, but at the same time, he himself can maneuver through space at will to seek out those who are struggling to meet their goal. Attacking him is mostly futile unless you're ready to challenge him and with the wave of his wand, he can cause pain that would bring a super soldier to the ground crying. With his immense power, his motto is this, "If you find yourself to be the most powerful being in the universe, just realize this, that there will always be someone more powerful than you." The ONLY Starmaninjian who breaks this clause is Wolfie Ninjaratzu (Kao and Starky's mother), as making someone more powerful than her has proven to be impossible and only he, among few others seems to know why.


Son: Skellomanjo Dlareg

  • Grandson: Marrow Dlareg

Son: Blank Dlareg

  • Granddaughter: Bianca Dlareg