Soula Rizu
Soula Rizu
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Goddess
Species: Scarizu
Homeland: Starmaninjian Underworld
Born: Before Starmaninja
Elements: Omnipotent/Ghost
Attribute:: Technique/Reaper


Soula is the last of the Goddesses of Life, who came to the Starmaninjian universe shortly after Siberia and Kiara died on Earth. She was killed as an albino mouse in a lab as a test to see if "Mice could feel pain", and was pregnant with twins at the time of her death. When she was found by Siberia and taken to the Starmaninjian universe, she was given the powerful role of controlling the life and death cycle of a Starmaninjian and running the after life universe, known as the Starmaninjian Underworld. Soula, out of respect for Siberia's kindness, dedicates her eternal life as a deity to protecting the Starmaninjians and their deities from evil and making sure that anyone who causes trouble in the universe will have their soul destroyed...and that being the most merciful of things she'd do to the person.


Soula is the darkest of the goddesses, speaking in a tone that makes her sound evil and strikes fear into every Starmaninjian's heart. She tends to sound eerie and ominous as a way to discourage anyone from doing anything evil, lest they wish to visit her domain and risk being tortured to learn their lesson. Beside being the gatekeeper of the Starmaninjian underworld, she can be a kind person who encourages a positive outlook on life. While she may seem scary, her words invoke her true intentions, however, those who are greedy, selfish, and evil will learn just how the lack of mercy can easily doom a person, as she shows none.


Soula is a goddess. She can do anything she wants with the flick of her wrist. More specifically she focuses her power on life and death. Basically she has the power to take a soul from a body (within the Starmaninjian or Ninjamastarian Universe) and move it to wherever she pleases. In really scary cases, she can even destroy a soul completely, but...there's only one case where she ever had to do something like that, and it was an absolute final resort.


Daughter: Rhazia Rhadozia

  • Granddaughter: Rhozia Rhadozia
    • Great-Grandson: Rhozen Ninjarizu
    • Great-Granddaughter: Raisha Ninjarizu
  • Granddaughter: Scaria Rhadozia

Daughter: Amoura Rizu (renamed Amoura Felin after dying and being reborn a Koya)

  • Granddaughter: Vanilla Cate
    • Great-Granddaughter: Razia Succubukoya