Vanilla Cate
Vanilla Cate
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Starninjian
Species: Domekoya
Homeland: Domekoya City (Starninja)
Born: Year: 9980
Elements: Physical
Attribute:: Speed


Vanilla Cate is a domekoya born via a strange series of events that involve the descendants of Soula Rizu. Being born from Amoura in attempt to resurrect her sister (which kind of failed), Vanilla came to the world featuring the blood lust of a reaper and the parental urge of a breeder. Because the souls of the two were too much for her to handle, Vanilla spent most of her time in a safe asylum to protect her.

Vanilla was actually pivotal to saving Domekoya City from the first wave of Intruder attacks by showing them that Starmaninjians can resist any kind of threat and will never perish at the call of evil.

Despite giving birth to Razia, the soul of the succubus, she still kept her insane demeanor, but in this point, everyone realized that she is aware and fully embraces her strange personality.


Vanilla's insane. She actually has a voice that's high pitched, very scratchy and unstable sounding. She tends to speak as if she's not talking to anyone specifically and tends to mumble a lot about random stuff, mostly about how much she loves pain and blood. The Starmaninjians tend to keep her locked in a soft room with several toys in the former Intruder prison, which they convert to an insane asylum so that Vanilla doesn't hurt herself too much, but they know that despite her strange "nature", she's still a very capable person who could survive on her own terms easily. She just has the soul of a Succubus and Reaper stuck inside of her.


Vanilla is very flexible, fast, and agile. Her claws are razor sharp and she's not afraid to use them, even on herself. The odd thing is that the more she gets hurt, the stronger she gets (attack power wise), She mostly uses physical attacks and confusion tactics to bring her opponent down, but otherwise is a bit of a Mighty glacier, in that she has a TON of HP and attack power, but can take quite a beating. If she uses "counter", you're in trouble.


Mother: Amoura Felin

Husband: Choco Cate

  • Daughter: Razia Succubukoya