Voltra Sugarspray
Voltra Sugarspray
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Elemental Master
Species: Sprizu
Homeland: Mushtic Swamp (Starninja)
Born: Year: 8000
Elements: Poison
Attribute:: Crippler


Voltra is the elemental Master of Poison, an element designed for crippling opponents with harmful status effects. She lives relatively alone in the Mushtic Swamp, a foul and poisonous land filled with tall mushrooms and fungi and eerie purple water.

Many people consider her a witch due to her fascination with poisonous chemicals and her somewhat anti-social nature. She's often mixing things together to find new ways to produce even more potent poisons and even managed to create an entire being made out of a acid who helps her around the house. Despite her nature, she is actually a very caring and friendly person who invites anyone to visit her, if they can stand the toxic realm that is her home. After all, Honey Sugarspray, the sweetest Starmaninjian in the universe that isn't Celestia, is her daughter.

Her last name comes from the fact that despite her poison nature, her spray is quite fragrant. Almost like grapes in an orchard. This is because a stinky spray would encourage her enemies to cover their nose and run. Her spray encourages her enemies to breathe it in so they will die faster.


Voltra's personality is as toxic as her power. She tends to act very much like a witch. Very dominant, very bold and blunt about her powers. Her name is a play off the word "Revolting" because she's probably one of the most evilly dominant Starmaninjians to exist and makes sure anyone who enters her Swamp will understand that she is their deity while they're in there. Her lack of fear mostly comes from the fact that she's pretty much invincible, and she wants people to know that those who visit her are probably visiting her to learn how to master poison. You have to be able to take the punishment, in order to dish the punishment. So her training may be cruel, but you'll thank her for her lack of mercy when you find that even the grossest of mold no longer fazes you, even physically.


Voltra is the master of poison. She is immune to most status effects and can inflict any of them with little effort. She's not much of a direct fighter, but will cripple her opponents to the point that they will not be likely to want to fight back, and since she's so resistant to everything that can be thrown at her (her defenses are really high), it's very tough to take her down. Her weakness is the weakness of all poison types, being a good healer. If you can heal off her attacks, there's not much more she can do to you, but she IS a Master. She knows how to mute a healer so they can't use magic.


Daughter: Honey Sugarspray Creation: Acid Sugarspray