Zena Koya
Zena Koya
© Kao Ninjaratzu
Basic Information:
Class: Goddess
Species: Zenokoya
Homeland: Zenokoya Jungle (Goddess Dimension)
Born: Before Starmaninja
Elements: Omnipotent
Attribute:: Power


Zena is a warrioress who was a great friend of Sylvia many eons ago. She temporarily went to Earth to learn about the intricacies of creating a universe, but a terrible war ended her life prematurely with her eyes stabbed as she died. The rings around her eyes are represented in all Starmaninjians as a symbol for the beauty of the visual world that she almost lost. Zena tends to hold an Amazonian appeal to herself and boasts great strength, great enough to be able to defend herself against any kind of onslaught. As such, she is known as the goddess of Strength and her powers revolve around blessing all Starmaninjians with the ability to defend themselves in any kind of situation that would cause harm to them or that they wouldn't wish to experience. While seemingly reclusive, she can be found in the Zenokoya temple in Zenokoya Village, though it's guarded by the people to prevent malicious intentions.


Zena, despite her warrior like nature is actually a very kind and gentle soul in most cases. Since she focuses on protection for the most part, she treats the Starmaninjians like her children and swears to defend them at all costs with her magic. Also, as a hobby, she tends to be pretty strategical, teaching her people and other indigenous types how to use their terrain as an advantage to protect themselves against outside attacks, which was key to saving the Zenokoyas from the first Intruder's attack.


Zena has limitless powers, but most of them revolve around heavy strength and speed. Her physical prowess is unmatched and she can dish out hits just as easily as she can take them. She's also a tactical genius when it comes to indigenous type terrain.


Husband/mate: Botani Tsuni

  • Daughter: Zenni Zenokoya
    • Granddaughter: Zodia Zenokoya
      • Great-Granddaughter: Zaena Ninjakoya
    • Granddaughter: Zenna Zenokoya
      • Great-Grandson: Zodiac Ninjakoya
  • Daughter: Flower Natural
    • Grandson: Johnathy Natural
      • Great-Grandson: Sonny Natural
  • Son: Charmy Lucksclover
    • Grandson: Clover Pheona